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The following seventeen civic leaders serve on the Citizens' Debate Commission:

John B. Anderson
Former U.S. Congressman, former presidential candidate, and current chair of the Center for Voting and Democracy

Angela Bay Buchanan
President of the The American Cause and former U.S Treasurer

Veronica De La Garza
Executive director of the Youth Vote Coalition

Norman Dean
Executive director of Friends of the Earth and chair of CERES

George Farah
Executive director of Open Debates and author of No Debate

Tom Fitton
President of Judicial Watch

Tom Gerety
Executive director and Brennan Center Professor of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law and former President of Amherst College

Jehmu Greene
Executive director of Rock the Vote

Alan Keyes
Former GOP presidential candidate, former Ambassador to the United Nations, and chairman of the Declaration Foundation

Jeff Milchen
Founder and Executive Director of

Larry Noble
Executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics and former general counsel of the Federal Election Commission

Tony Perkins
President of the Family Research Council and a former Louisiana state representative

Chellie Pingree
President and CEO of Common Cause and former Maine Senate Majority leader

Randall Robinson
Author and founder of TransAfrica Forum

Dan Stein
Executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform

Mark Weisbrot
Co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research

Paul Weyrich
Chair and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation and founding president of the Heritage Foundation